New & Expectant Parents

New Parents

Congratulations on your new baby!

Right now there may be a lot of emphasis on how your baby may be different and possible medical issues he or she may face but the most important thing to remember is that your baby is a baby first. You will begin to learn that children with Down syndrome are more alike than different from other children. As a new parent, you are likely to have questions and concerns about having a child with Down syndrome.

As parents of children with Down syndrome, we are here to join in the journey together. Many of the parents in our organization have found that accurate information on Down syndrome and supportive relationships with other parents solidifies our confidence and ensures a bright future for our families.

If your newborn has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis, please call (956) 314-0821. We have a welcome basket for you! The basket has information, local and national resources, and some special gifts for you and the baby.

Expectant Parents

Learning that your baby has Down syndrome is an overwhelming experience for most parents. You may feel confused, frightened, angry, saddened, or isolated. Please know that your feelings are completely normal! If you need answers, support or just need to talk to someone who’s been through this, please contact us at

All correspondences are confidential.


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