World Down Syndrome Day 2024

RGVDSA is thrilled to offer a unique virtual visit with author Heather Avis in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day. Provided below is a set of three videos (each less than 10 minutes long) that teachers can watch with their classrooms and parents can watch with their children.

  1. In our World Down Syndrome Day Introduction video, we welcome author Heather Avis to the Valley; she introduces herself and answers questions about Down syndrome.
  2. In the Everyone Belongs – Read Along video, Heather reads her book Everyone Belongs.
  3. In the Questions for the Author video, Heather responds to questions about being an author and writing books!

Find out more about Heather’s other books and podcast at her website,

World Down Syndrome Day Introduction

Video 1

Everyone BelongS - Read Along

Video 2

questions for the author

Video 3

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